Complete List of Interventions Reviewed To Date Under the Top Tier Evidence Initiative

Below is a complete, alphabetized list of interventions that the Top Tier Evidence initiative has reviewed as potential candidates for the Top Tier and – in many but not all cases* – Near Top Tier. Those identified by the initiative’s expert Advisory Panel as meeting the Top Tier or Near Top Tier standards are denoted as such. The other interventions listed here have not been identified as Top Tier or Near Top Tier but, we note, may still be effective and/or evidence based. For example, some have been found to produce promising short-term effects in well-conducted randomized controlled trials, and the Panel is awaiting results from future follow-ups to determine if the results are sustained.

The purpose of this list is to let readers know the status of our reviews, and to enable readers to identify and alert us to any viable candidates for Top Tier or Near Top Tier that we may have missed (by contacting David Anderson,, 202-239-1248). We’re also happy to provide references for the individual studies reviewed, upon request.

*Some of the interventions were reviewed prior to the introduction of the Near Top Tier standard in 2010.

Interventions Identified as Top Tier

Career Academies
Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program
Critical Time Intervention
H&R Block College Financial Aid Application Assistance
LifeSkills Training
Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care
Nurse-Family Partnership
Staying Free
Success for All in grades K-2
Transitional Care Model

Interventions Identified as Near Top Tier

Annual Books Fairs in High-Poverty Elementary Schools
Child Immunization Campaign with Incentives
First-Grade Classroom Prevention Program
Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes
Nevada’s Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Program
New York City’s Small Schools of Choice
Parent Management Training – the Oregon Model (PMTO)
Promise Academy Charter Middle School
Teacher Performance Pay in Rural India
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Other Interventions That Have Been Reviewed

Abecedarian Project
Al’s Pals
Amity Prison Therapeutic Community
ATLAS (Adolescents Training and Learning to Avoid Steroid Use)
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Brief Strategic Family Therapy
Building Blocks for Math
Building Educational Leaders for Life (BELL)
Care Considerations Decision Support Tool for Physicians
Check and Connect
Chlorine Dispenser System
Classwide Peer Tutoring
Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Sexually Abused Preschool Children
Cognitive Preventive Intervention
Communities That Care
Consortium of Longitudinal Studies
Coping Power Program
Daisy Quest
Dare To Be You for Parents of Preschoolers
Dialogic Reading
Direct Instruction
Early Risers
Families and Schools Together (FAST)
Family Foundations
Family Matters
Fast Track
First Step to Success
Full Prescription Drug Coverage for Evidence-Based Medications
Functional Family Therapy
Guiding Good Choices/Preparing for the Drug Free Years (PDFY)
Harlem Children’s Zone programs (Baby College and Harlem Gems)
Healthy Families New York
Incredible Years
Infant Health and Development Program
Keeping it R.E.A.L (Refuse, Explain, Avoid, Leave)
Learning Language and Loving It
Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers (LIFT)
Literacy Express
Milwaukee Project
Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care for Preschoolers
Multisystemic Therapy
National Guard Youth ChalleNGe
Neonatal Individualized Developmental Care Program (NIDCAP)
New York City’s Small Schools of Choice
One-Hour Discharge Education for Heart Failure Patients
Parent Child Development Centers
Parenting with Love and Limits
Parents as Teachers
Paving Streets for the Poor in Mexico
Per Scholas Job Training Program
Perry Preschool Project
Positive Action
Pre-K Mathematics
Primary Mental Health Project (Primary Project)
Project Alert
Project Northland
Project Toward No Drug Abuse
Project Towards No Tobacco Use
Promoting Emergent Math Skills
Read to Achieve
Reading Recovery
Reading Reels
Ready to Learn
Research Based Developmentally Informed (REDI)
Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways
SAFE Children
Safe Dates
SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) Under 12 Outreach Project
Start Making A Reader Today (SMART)
Stepping Stones to Literacy
Syracuse University Family Development Research Program
Teen Outreach Program
Too Good for Violence
Tutoring with the Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing Reading Curriculum
Universal Pre-K (The Early Years, Oklahoma)
Wisconsin Regional Training Program